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Boat Slip Ownership on the St. Croix River at Stillwater

Get in on the ground floor of this unique boating opportunity. Wolf offers the best value on the St. Croix River. If you plan to boat for 5 or more years, buying is a wise investment.

Wolf Marina Inc. is selling memberships, with exclusive right to a slip, in a member-owned association called Wolf Marina Cooperative Association. Wolf Marina is a clean, family-friendly, and pet-friendly marina with terrific clientele and staff!

A link to our Slip Availability document is available below. Please note, the file is updated weekly and may not reflect interim sales.

Slip Availability PDFSlip Pricing

Benefits of Ownership

  • Slips ranging from 18’ to 50’ are available for purchase.
  • You acquire instant equity in your boating experience.
  • Low annual association fee.
  • Free winter storage.

Finance Partners

  • Lake Elmo Bank
  • First State Bank & Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I buy a membership/slip that someone else leases?

The slip’s lessee will be offered first right of refusal, and if they decline, the slip is available for purchase. The current lessee has 5 business days to enact that right. When a slip that is occupied sells, we will first attempt to relocate the boat to a similar slip whether the boat is in the water or on land.

If there is not another suitable slip available: If the sale closes when boats are in-water, the lease agreement is honored and the lessee stays in the slip. If the sale happens while the lessee’s boat is on the hard, they are notified and the slip fees paid will be refunded, minus any outstanding expenses on account.

Are slip prices negotiable?

The slip prices listed are firm. We feel it would be unfair to anyone who purchased at the posted price to give a different deal to someone else.

Can my boat extend past the length of the slip (overhang allowed)?

Boats can extend past the slip length by 1’ or 2’ or 4’ depending upon the slip – see the club standing resolutions. Boat length is determined on length overall (LOA) or the measure from anchor or bow (whichever is longer) to platform or motor (whichever is longer).

Is there a limit on the number of memberships/slips someone can buy?

Yes, an individual or entity can purchase up to 5 memberships.

Is tax paid on the sale of a membership?

No. You are not buying property, it is a membership and there is not sales tax on Association memberships in MN.

What happens with “Your Boat Club?”

The Boat Club will be phased out as the slips they occupy sell. Commercial enterprises such as the Boat Club will not be permitted to operate out of the Association after the Boat Club is phased out.

Is winter storage an extra cost for Association Members?

No, winter storage is included at no extra charge for Association members.

What other services are included for Members?

The annual assessment will cover the cost of haul/block/launch at no charge in fall 2023, spring 2024, and fall 2024. There are some slips that have meters, and members are not charged per the meter in 2023 or 2024. The Association will determine whether charges for haul/block/launch apply starting in spring 2025. The association fee covers electrical expenses for members. Members who own slips with meters will not pay additional for their metered use at present. This policy will be revisited by the Association Board in the future.

All other services are paid by Members and Sublessors who use them, including power wash, acid wash, pump out, trailer storage, etc. Payments for these services feed the Association budget to help offset annual assessments.

Can I store my boat on land over the summer?

No, boat storage on land during the summer season is not allowed.

How will dredging be paid for?

There is a $50,000 line item in the annual budget dedicated to dredging costs.

Are there any pieces of equipment that you expect will need to be replaced in the next couple years?

No, short term replacement of marina equipment is not anticipated. Wolf Marine, Inc., has been diligent about equipment upkeep and has conducted regular maintenance. The equipment transferred to the Association is in working order and ready for use in marina activities.

Can I improve my dock after I buy it?

Improvements would need to be approved by and managed by the Association. Any changes to the docks must be in accordance with and approved by governing authorities. A decision by a group of boaters (even a full pier) will still need approval from the Association by membership vote.

What is the difference between “maintenance” and “upgrades”?

Maintenance and repairs, which are covered within the budget, are expected to maintain existing infrastructure. For example, repairing underwater bracing or re-decking are maintenance, whereas things like installing electricity to each slip or replacing a full line of docks are considered upgrades.

There are budget line items for maintenance and repairs. If an upgrade is desired, it would need to be approved by the Association Board.

Who pays annual assessments?

The annual assessment is paid by the owner of each slip, so there are 253 payments made to the Association budget each year (no matter who owns the slip).

What prevents a slip owner from selling their slip at a reduced cost?

Nothing. However, the Association will have first right of refusal on any slip sold by a member so it will have an opportunity to buy slips if they come for sale at low cost.

Why are slips F1-F8 not for sale?

These slips are designated as common areas that will be leased by the Association to offset annual assessments paid by each member, as determined by the Association Board of Directors.