White Bear Lake Boat Slips

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White Bear Lake Boat Slips On Dry Ground

White Bear Lake Boat Slips

White Bear Lake boat slips and docks continue to become increasingly unusable, as the lake is measuring at an all time low of 918 feet (from nearly 924 feet in 2004) . Boat slip owners, shoreline residents and businesses have recently filed suit against the D.N.R. (whom is currently contesting the suit). The case is based on recent research by the U.S. Geological Survey which found an increasing amount of groundwater being pumped from the aquifer underneath White Bear Lake, the pumping is leading to lower water levels. The drought conditions we’ve experienced over the past several years is invariably exasperating the situation.

Boaters Are Looking For Better Options

In the past week, we’ve welcomed several new boats to Wolf Marine who used to have boat slips on White Bear Lake. There are several reasons which have contributed to the selection of Wolf Marine as their alternate Port, but the primary reason is our location. Boaters who once had White Bear Lake boat slips are about 8 miles from Wolf Marine by way of Highway 96 and they can get into our Marina without going through Downtown Stillwater and all of it’s traffic.

In addition to our location, the St. Croix River has a great deal more to offer in the way of nearby entertainment, water sports, fishing and unlimited sandy shores and islands.